Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kingmaker's Sword

Kingmaker's Sword (The Rune Blade Trilogy, Book 1)

Ann Marston

Date: 01 August, 1996   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

I'm a sucker for sarcastic Scotsmen, even when they're a fictionalized equivalent. Kian, a former slave whose uncle tracked him down and bought him out of slavery, is a wonderfully funny faux-Scot, right down to the tartan. He lives in a land where Maedun sorcerers are working on conquest. His native land, Tyra, isn't particularly vunerable, as Maedun sorcery doesn't work in its mountainous regions, but the land of Skai in the island of Celi is, and Kian is hired along with his uncle to track down a lost prince to help unite the country.

Of course, that sounds more straightforward than it is. The story is told from Kian's point of view, and is colored by his wry observations. The plot would not be nearly as entertaining without them.

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