Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cyteen: the Betrayal

Cyteen: The Betrayal

C.J. Cherryh

Date: 01 February, 1989   —   Book

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Fiction, Science Fiction

This book is set some time after the end of the war in Downbelow Station, on the planet Cyteen, which turned out the azi warriors, the clones whose skills were recorded onto them. In fact, the action of this novel takes place at Reseune, the center of the azi research, and revolves around Ariane Emory, the brilliant and twisted scientist whose genius has dominated Union politics for decades. When she is killed, a project is brought on line to try and replicate her, not just through cloning, but through as similar an upbringing as possible, in the hopes of turning out a similar level of genius.

However, Dr. Emory has done harm to some of her associates in the past. Justin, the young son/clone of Jordan Warrick, suffered abuse at her hands that has left him psychologically damaged and dependent upon Grant, his azi brother who he tries to protect from personality restructuring (with some success; after time, an azi who is not retaped learns the same as someone born, but there is still a difference in the thought processes.) He is horrified by the childhood they are subjecting young Ari to, but is powerless to do anything about it, especially as she is extremely perceptive and likely to discover his secrets.

And then... the book ends, and I don't have the other two. They sell them all as an omnibus edition, which I recommend, seeing as only having part of the story is highly annoying.

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