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Once a Thief, Always a Thief

Once a Thief

Kay Hooper

Date: 01 October, 2002   —   $6.75   —   DVD / VHS

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Fiction, Maystery/Caper

Just as a side note, this book is a reworked romance. Hooper apparently went back to some stories she'd written a decade ago, cleaned them up, changed the focus, and added depth to the characters. She only missed one bit that I noticed, a reference to a condemned house that had been closed since "before the earthquake"— if that was the 1989 Hayward quake, the building in question would have been standing for well over a decade, and in San Francisco's tight housing market, the chances of it not being cleared away to make room for new apartments approach a zero likelihood.

But I'm not trying to be picky, just observant.

What this book most reminds me of is Elizabeth Peters' Vicky Bliss mysteries. Beautiful, intelligent woman who works in museums and has trouble getting men to talk to her instead of her chest, check. Debonair thief who infuriates (and intrigues) said woman, check. Gang of thieves who is considerably deadly as opposed to our sympathetic thief, check. About the only difference in feel is that other couples get some time as well. Which is okay.

And, since I love the Vicky Bliss mysteries, these are just great. It never hurts to get more of the same style when you're looking for a fun read.

Always a Thief

Kay Hooper

Date: 03 June, 2003   —   $6.75   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery/Caper

This book continues the story of Once a Thief, with the infamous Quinn getting into deeper and deeper trouble as the exhibit approaches. Morgan can't decide whether he is being truthful with her or not, and she's very sure that he's on nobody's side but his own, but she knows that she's missing something, and that the infamous thief might be hiding something big behind his reputation. And that such secrets might mean his death in the end.

These two books stand alone and are not connected to her Bishop books. Definitely popcorn for the brain, but that's all right.

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