Friday, September 30, 2005


You will need:
Fresh orange juice
Fresh lemonade
Raspberry syrup (Torani's is okay, but try for a better brand if possible)
Soda water (optional)

Get individual glasses and fill them half-full with ice. Pour lemonade until each glass is half-full of liquid; gently pour the orange juice over the top. Droozle about a shot's worth of raspberry syrup over the top of that and do not stir— the amount will vary with the strength of the syrup so be sure to test it out. If the mix is too sweet, or you want a little sparkle, add some soda water to the lemonade before adding the rest of the ingredients. (Okay, you can add it after, and stir, but it's not as pretty.)

You might guess from the name that this is related to a Sunrise, as in Tequila. Go ahead and add the liquor if you want but I'm not going to ruin the taste.

Update: Rowan mentions that she has had a grenadine version instead of raspberry. I think that is an excellent idea, so take your pick of the two.

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