Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Egg Salad

You will need:
Hard-boiled eggs
Spices— pick your favorites. I like salt-free lemon pepper, dried onion flakes, and chives, but you can also use dill, rosemary, paprika, or oregano
Dijon mustard, optional
Good bread

Okay, how's this for simple. You dice the hardboiled eggs, using a knife, egg slicer, or fork, and put them in a bowl. You stir in mayo until the eggs are just holding together, adding a little dijon if that's what you like, and add the spices. Toast the bread, spread with egg salad, and make it a sandwich.

Because of the mayo, it is recommended that you either keep the egg salad refrigerated or in a cooler if you're making sandwiches for a picnic. And remember that egg salad is also the perfect way to use up Easter eggs, even if the dye has seeped through the shell and made it more colorful.

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