Saturday, September 03, 2005

Omelette AKA Scrambled Eggs With Stuff In

The virtue of this recipe is that if you screw up the first, you make the second. Don't laugh, but I was 25 before successfully making an omelette since nobody had ever bothered to tell me how.

You will need:
A medium frying pan
A big flat spatula
A sharp knife
3/4 cup EggBeaters or generic equivalent (or three eggs; 1 egg per quarter cup)
Small amount of milk
Green onions
Small tomato
Cheddar cheese, grated
Cooked ham or bacon bits (optional)

Grease the pan. I don't care if it's non-stick, do it. (Besides, if it's a high-quality pan, the things they do to make it last longer decrease the effectiveness of the non-stick anyway.) Dice all the ingredients into small pieces; remove the tomato pulp. Pour the EggBeaters or beaten eggs with milk into the pan and put it over medium-high heat. Add salt and pepper if you are so inclined; you can drop the green onions in at this time.

This is the important step. As the bottom gets cooked, lift the edges up with the spatula and let the uncooked egg run under them. (Nobody ever told me this!) This is what insures a thoroughly cooked omelette. Once it is cooked through, you drop the remaining ingredients on one half of the omelette, fold it over, and put on your plate. (Save a little of the grated cheese to throw on top. It will melt from the residual heat.) Serves one for a hearty breakfast.

If the omelette sticks to the pan or breaks apart while cooking, just break it up further with the spatula and insist you meant to do it as scrambled eggs all along.

If you don't like the ingredients as listed, try some variants, such as mushroom-jack-bell pepper, or three-cheese.

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