Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Stalking Lamb

The Stalking Lamb

Marian Babson

Date: 01 February, 1990   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

Marian Babson's taglilne is "Murder Most British" and in this early novel, she lives up to that promise. Amy and Ginny are young sisters whose excursion to England in the company of a friend turns to disaster after Amy is befriended by a charming young man who turns out to be a dangerously self-centered thief. Now she is recuperating n a nursing home after the final violent confrontation, knowing that he will come to torment her, though the police assure her he's dead.

What's more, she knows that she is being used as bait, though for what purpose, she has no clue. She is the stalking lamb, the young animal staked out as a trap for the wolf.

And in this case, the wolf is going to get far more than he bargained for, though not as much as he deserves.

Babson's novels are short and fun, while not being overly gruesome. They are best described as the opposite of hardboiled, and feature ordinary people caught up in dangerous events. They are fun short reading, though only sporadically in print.

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