Sunday, June 24, 2007

Murder, Murder Little Star

Murder, Murder, Little Star

Marian Babson

Date: 1977   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

Twinkle is an obnoxious child star. In fact, she has gone far beyond the realms of "brat" into the category of "potential victim." At least, that's how it seems to Frances, who has been hired as a chaperone for the little dear. Someone is trying to kill the child, but there are far too many suspects, and it all seems to be related to the fact that child stars have an extremely limited shelf life, and Twinkle's is just about up.

This book was written in the days when no child star had made a truly successful transition to adult roles, and when the opportunities for intermediate roles— such as the teen roles in Harry Potter— were all but non-existant. While this novel could still be understood today, it is not likely that the thought of growing up would induce the same level of panic for a child star today as it did then.

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