Monday, June 18, 2007

The Road to Oz

Road to Oz, The (Books of Wonder)

L. Frank Baum

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Fiction, Fantasy, Children's

Some things don't wear well with age. This particular travelogue, with Dorothy walking down a road and ending up in various Fairylands, is fairly obnoxious as an adult. I mean, the climax of the book is a party, for cryin' out loud. A pages-long description of a party with frills and exciting guests and far too many sweets. Your little girl may well love that part, but even as a child it galled me a bit.

I give this book an adult's three stars for two reasons:

1. It introduces several wonderful characters, like Polychrome, the Shaggy Man, and Button Bright. The John R. Neil illustrations of the boy always throw me— he looks too old to be that dumb— but if you put his age at about five or so, it all works out.

2. The Noodlers and their reaction to the Love Magnet. "I have the Love Magnet, you have to love me!" "We love you in SOUP!"

I can see that being the new catchphrase for my friends. "I love you... in SOUP!"

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