Friday, June 08, 2007

Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

Terri Windling, Ellen Datlow, eds.

Date: December, 1996   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy/Horror, Short Stories

This third collection of retold fairytales features several tales of women changing their lives, including a fascinating rendition of Hans Christen Anderson's "Match Girl" where the title character has more to fear than simply cold. (Her full name, Phoenix, is beautifully appropriate to the visions she sees in the flames.) The author even manages to pull of a happy ending that does not betray the original ending— quite a feat when the ending originally features the death of the title character.

Jane Yolen chimes in with a delightfully wicked rendition of "Hansel and Grettel," and there are versions of several royalty tales, such as "The Goose Girl" and "The Real Princess." There's even the ruby slippers of the title in a hybrid of "The Red Shoes" and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a cautionary tale about the peril of fame.

Quite enjoyable, and well worth the tracking down.

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