Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Murder On a Mystery Tour

Murder On A Mystery Tour

Marian Babson

Date: 20 May, 1990   —   $2.99   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

Running a manor in the English countryside is not a lucrative business. Running a murder— a staged production wherein the guests try to solve an acted-out series of deaths— is an interesting option to keep an inn solvent. Reggie and Midge have taken over the management of his father's lodging-house in order to get it out of its financial hole, and when Midge is approached with the concept, she thinks it's a wonderful idea.

And so far, the run has been fun, barring the overbearing, overprotective, and above all, overly annoying mother of one of the guest writers. Except that the final tour is coming through, a blizzard is on its way... and one of the guests has decided to make the scenario of murder all too real.

The fun of this novel is in the confusion, as the guests are a little too far into the story to be overly disturbed by the real death in their midst. They're willing to keep on solving the fictional crime, undisturbed that the phone lines have been cut and the snowplows haven't been by...

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