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The Towers of the Sunset

The Towers of the Sunset (Recluce series, Book 2)

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Date: 15 August, 1993   —   $7.19   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

Creslin is the eldest son of the Marshal of Westwind, the guard keep at the Roof of the World. However, in Westwind, as in all of the west of Candar, the Legend is believed to the point where men are decidedly second-class, and Creslin is to be betrothed as a consort while his younger sister will inherit his mother's title. However, his mother— despite the common wisdom that men are emotionally weak and need to be sheltered— has trained him well in the manner of the Westwind guard, so well that he escapes from his guard group and runs from his betrothal.

What makes this more interesting is that Creslin is apparently the result of a long-term plot to bring order and chaos back into balance, and like all such adjustments, he is going to change the world and bring death to thousands. He's been made part of a life-link to a white mage to help keep her in check— a tie he knows nothing about— and he can control the winds of the world. And he doesn't know how powerful he is, which gets him into trouble rather quickly, as the Guild of Fairhaven moves to destroy him.

This is the story of the founding of Recluce, the Black Isle, and it sets the stage for quite a number of the problems encountered in later books. And for the reputation of people who change the world and bring death and destruction in their wake.

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