Monday, December 11, 2006

Crystal Singer

Crystal Singer

Anne McCaffrey

Date: 12 November, 1985   —   $6.29   —   Book

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Fiction, Science Fiction

Killashandra Ree has just completed final examinations, and has been told that after a decade of hard work, her voice is simply not up to being featured as a star performer. A secondary, perhaps, or a choral leader, not not first, and definitely not solo. For Killashandra, this is intolerable, so she seeks out a new profession where she can be first. This comes with discovery of crystal singing, a highly secretive guild whose members are bound to a particular planet.

This is an enjoyable sample of McCaffrey's work, and is set in a world that is congruent with her "Ship Who..." series. It's very readable and a lot of fun. My low rating merely reflects the fact that I'm beginning to get bored with it.

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