Saturday, December 30, 2006


Finder : A Novel of the Borderlands

Emma Bull

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Fiction, Fantasy

Life can be strange in the Borderlands, the shifting intersection of human lands and Never Never, the homelands of the elves. Geography is sometimes arbitrary, and information can be hard to come by. Orient uses his strange finding talent to make a living among the misfits and strange folk of the land.

When police officer Sunny Rico enlists him to find a particular drug source, his first instinct is to deny her. When it becomes evident, however, that the drug is starting to turn humans into elves— and then killing them— he knows that he needs to do everything he can, before racial violence and suspicion tear the Borderlands apart.

Emma Bull's specialty is in urban fantasy, where the fey and inner-city intermix. One gets the sense of a life spent in New York or Chicago (or perhaps Toronto) and the hint that, just around the corner, anything is possible.

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