Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Dead Sea Cipher

The Dead Sea Cipher

Elizabeth Peters

Date: 1970   —   $6.99   —   Book

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Dinah is all set for her tour of the Middle East, though it is unfortunate that her pastor father has set up a very safe tour for her. When raised voices from the next room catch her attention one night, and one person dies, she finds herself in a web of intrigue and in which most people believe she's a spy. Which she's not, but she's in danger nonetheless. And then her tour to the Holy Land gets postponed, and one or another of her tourmates might be a spy. For that matter, all of them could be. Which doesn't improve her mood any.

And naturally, there is an annoying man in the picture, obviously the prospective love interest. The whole thing is set to be an absurdist romp except, of course, for the deadly seriousness that the participants take in the business. Naturally, Dinah wants to be anything but dead.

The one note that dims my enjoyment of this novel is the political situation in the books. Over thirty years later and it's not much improved. What a shame.

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