Friday, December 01, 2006

Legend In Green Velvet

Legend in Green Velvet

Elizabeth Peters

Date: 1976   —   $6.29   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

These are called mysteries, but with Elizabeth Peters, they usually swerve over into the Romance category. This one, of course, is no exception, with Susan in love with all things Scottish, and, naturally, a Scot desperately annoyed at his heritage (and his over-the-top father.) Susan is to get to an archæological dig, but gave herself a week in Edinburgh first.

Whereupon she receives a message obviously meant for another, gets her room trashed, meets that aforementioned Scot, and becomes accused of murder. Which means she has to run, because it's obvious that some of the folks in charge are not, in fact, the real police or inspectors. And after a series of implausible events, it becomes obvious that though the murder charge is not meant to stick, it is meant to keep her out of the way. Because she obviously can expose a group of criminals— if she ever figures out what they're up to.

Very entertaining, though it is only a popcorn novel. (Tasty, but no real value.)

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