Friday, September 22, 2006

Someplace To Be Flying

Someplace to be Flying

Charles de Lint

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Fiction, Fantasy

This is a story of animal people, not shapeshifters but something older. In a search for animal people, Lily, a photographer, gets assaulted by a frightening man who is killed after Hank arrives and is shot - not by Hank, of course, but by Maida and Zia, two street punks sometimes referred to as "the crow girls." They heal the wounds he inflicted on the two, leaving them to wonder about what sort of magic is in the world.

This is the story of Kerry Maidan and Katy Bean, two very sweet sisters who have reason to fear the other's presence, and their grandmother Nettie - as well as the storyteller Jack Daw and his guilt.

And this is the story of unintended consequences, and the trickster Coyote, who always wants to make things better but somehow makes things worse. His search for Raven's pot, a mystical container that can change the world, brings in all sorts of elements who want a better world - even if they end it in the process.

Some people have complained about the unlikely elements in this novel - well, it *is* a fantasy, after all, and brings in many concepts from de Lint's previous works. It requires an abandonment of preconceptions, but within the world it creates, it remains true to itself.

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