Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Jane Austen

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I have said before that appreciating Jane Austen is an exercise in reading between the lines. This is the book for which that power fails me. Sometimes, for some books, I have difficulty tracking what is happening. Sometimes, my powers of visualization simply fail me. (A notable example is the battle sequences in The Lord of the Rings - I am very glad to have seen the movies because the battles just confused me before I saw references for them.)

It doesn't help that I am continually distracted every time I have read this book so far. It seems to be a distraction-magnet for me. But it's immensely annoying to be missing the humor that I *know* is present, because most of Austen's other novels have it. Oh, well. Maybe when I someday see the movie, it will make the book click for me; until then, I give it a three and a note that most people find this their favorite Austen novel of all.

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