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Karin Slaughter

Date: 01 October, 2002   —   $7.50   —   Book

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Fiction, Thriller

In this novel, the aptly named Slaughter introduces us to Grant County, a Southern area where pediatrician and coroner (small town) Sara Linton lives and works near her ex-husband Jeffrey Tolliver, who is chief of police. When she finds a dying woman in the town diner's restroom, the entire town gets into an upheaval - Sybil was murdered in a peculiar manner that might point to Sara's past.

While the "blindsight" of the title is reference to the drug given to the dying woman, which produces tunnel vision, it also points to the fact that the increasingly violent killer is the sort of person one might overlook. In the tradition of all good thrillers, the killer is introduced early on, but of course seems unobvious until near the final confrontation.

One final note; this book is extremely graphic, including autopsy descriptions and the actions of a killer who is deeply deranged.

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