Saturday, September 09, 2006

Clouds of Witness

Clouds of Witness

Dorothy L. Sayers

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Fiction, Mystery

In this, the second of the Lord Peter Wimsey novels (oops), Peter's elder brother is accused of murder in the case of a death at his house. He refuses to testify in his own behalf, for reasons that nobody can understand, and his sister is confusing the situation by likewise refusing to testify. What follows is an unravelling of stories that only confuse the issue, as a number of parallel incidences show that even though it might be perfectly clear to the participants involved what was going on, good luck convincing a jury of anyones innocence...

The title for this book is particularly apt, as it seems preposterous that so many different things would be occurring on this one night. And yet, Sayers manages to make it believable, and one can imagine well the crusty upper-class English manners that make the investigation so very difficult.

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