Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tasty Rice

You'll note that this has many of the same ingredients as the Spinach Salad; it is intended to use up the leftovers.

You will need:
White rice, not instant (plus instructions for making it)
Butter or margarine
Yellow onion
Spinach leaves
Boullion cubes (we used chicken)

Chop the carrot, mushrooms, and portion of a yellow onion into small pieces. Sauté them with the spinach in the butter. Throw them into a microwave-safe container with the measured rice and water (our rice says 1 cup rice to 2 cups water, but use your own directions!) and add in a boullion cube— or two if you're really feeling the need for savor. (Please note that boullion is salty, so be careful.)

Microwave the covered dish for five minutes, or longer if you have an old microwave and the water hasn't boiled. Let it sit for at least ten minutes. Stir it up once, replace the lid, and repeat the sequence. This time, let it sit until the rice has absorbed all of the water. Stir to fluff up the rice and serve immediately.

For a lower-salt alternative, replace the water with low-salt canned broth and omit the boullion, and you can make this recipe completely vegan by doing the same thing with vegetable broth and using margarine instead of butter.

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