Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Mercedes Lackey

Date: 1993-08-01   —   DVD / VHS

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Ficiton, Fantasy

As Elspeth continues her magical training, she has to contend with the knowledge of a dangerous foe who styles himself Mornelithe Falconsbane— the latter name in direct response to the existence of the Hawkbrothers. Falconsbane is shrewd but degenerate and has morphed his body into something resembling that of a cat's. He did the same to his daughter Nyara's, then carefully abused her to respond strongly to sexual stimuli. Nyara, having managed to break free, is doing her best to overcome that, primarily because her trained response is a weapon in the hands of her father.

In the meantime, Falconsbane is doing his best to access the power of the Heartstone, the repository for magical energy that the Tayledras use to help their healing of the lands of the Pelagir. In the hands of a crazy and evil Master sorceror, well, you know the drill. So Elspeth and Darkwind and the flamboyant Firesong have to figure out how to heal or shield the crazed Heartstone, find the other half of the Vale's population, train Elspeth so she'll be able to help her country, and oh, kill Falconsbane...

Again, too much. Lackey might have done better to pare this story down. Still enjoyable, though.

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