Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Immortals Quartet

Wolf-speaker (Immortals)

Tamora Pierce

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Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Yet another omnibus four-in-one. Tamora Pierce's protagonist this time is a young lady whose animal-based magic is large and virtually uncontrollable, hence the term "Wild Magic." Daine comes out of her little mountain town (and bad events of recent years) to get a job with a horse wrangler who is employed in the kingdom of Tortall. Certain strange events— such as visits from the badger god, whose cranky sarcasm is excellently curmudgeonly— presage an even greater danger: attacks from creatures whose mythical status is now in dispute.

Each of these four books deals in some way with the attacks by the Immortals, creatures that do not die of old age. In the first one, Daine must learn to fight and save a city from a very well-planned sneak attack. In the second, she has to unearth treachery from within the kingdom of Tortall. By the third, she has to act diplomatic at the court of the foreign power whose mages unlocked the Realm of the Immortals to attack Tortall. And in the fourth, she has to find a way to avoid the vengeful will of the person whom she thwarted while simultaneously unearthing a plot by the queen of Chaos.

Quite a bunch of tasks for a home-bred girl.

While I'd like to go into depth on each of these books, it would be difficult to do so without giving away far too many plot points. So go read them and find out for yourself.

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