Friday, September 21, 2007

No One Noticed the Cat

No One Noticed The Cat

Anne McCaffrey

Date: 2005-10-25   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

My doubts about this book are entirely based upon the fact that McCaffrey didn't seem to know exactly where to aim it. It's basically a little novelette of romantic fantasy, a fairy tale of sorts. The problem is that I can't make out whether she intended this for children or adults, and if she aimed it at both she should read some Terry Pratchett and see how to do it right.

If she aimed it at adults, the simplistic reasoning and lack of depth to the characters is enough to drive you batty. If she aimed it at children, the language and concepts— and the rather blatant hints of casual sex— are a little off for the audience. I am all for exposing children to a wide vocabulary. That is how they learn, after all. But when a sentence is laced with terms that are unnecessarily complex, and the child in question has to look up half a dozen words just to get a sense of what's going on... well, that argues against the book being designed for them.

It was an okay story. But in the end, McCaffrey's writing skill has dropped a bit, and it shows.

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