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Mercedes Lackey

Date: 03 January, 1989   —   $6.99   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

This book has none of the problems of the previous novel. It is a true novel, not a compilation; it has a full plotline of itself, and the characters are truly developed. Kethry and Tarma are getting close to their goal of having enough fame and money to start a school so that Kethry can begin to resurrect Tarma's clan. (Not to say that she will actually resurrect the dead; Kethry is merely to have children to begin the clan anew, and they will likewise hand-select new members.)

But naturally enough they are willing to risk their dream to help a friend whose disappearance could be due to foul play. As that friend is the captain of the best mercenary force in the country, her disappearance is fairly disturbing. What's more disturbing is the possibility that Kethry and Tarma may be set up... and the only way to know is to find out themselves.

If Oathbound had been written the way this one is, I have no doubt that the two together would be considered Lackey's crowning achievement. As it is, this one is far better than the first but it still feels as though there are gaps in the background.

I really need those other Tarma/Kethry short stories!

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