Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Arrow's Flight

Arrow's Flight

Mercedes Lackey

Date: 01 September, 1987   —   $7.99   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

This second book featuring Talia is set at the end of her training. The last step in her training is to perform a circuit with an experienced Herald, doing those functions that Heralds do. Her particular talents, mainly a gift for empathy, have given rise to certain suspicions in the Council, and they will have to be addressed. However, in doing so, her doubts get magnified to the point of crisis, because as a powerful empath, her emotions not only feed on themselves, but can be used as a weapon..

This is, naturally enough, a coming-of-age novel, but it's a little different in that instead of coming into one's own, this novel deals with what can happen when certain assumptions you've made turn out to be very wrong, and how sometimes you need to start over in order to do things right. That's an oddly mature concept to sneak into a book that is essentially escapist fantasy.

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