Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Silver Birch, Blood Moon

Silver Birch, Blood Moon

Eileen Datlow & Terri Windling, editors

Date: March, 1999   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy/Horror, Short Stories

Of all of this series of fairytale collections, I like this one the best (so far.) I think it is because the genre of retold fairytales is beginning to mature, and the writers are becoming comfortable with the medium. This collection includes several variants of Rumplestiltskin and a couple Frog Princes, each with a new take on the subject. The sometimes overly strident feminist tone of many of the previous issues (addressed in the foreword) has mellowed out, and the characterization is beginning to take on the depth of modern fantasy.

Naturally enough, these books are not for children. There are descriptions of overt sexuality, and sometimes in these stories, the wolf wins. But for those who like retellings whimsical, dark, passionate or just plain horrifying, this book has plenty for you.

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