Monday, May 21, 2007



Agatha Christie

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Fiction, Mystery

As The Mysterious Affair At Styles is the first Poirot mystery, this is the last... and the little detective dies before the end of it. However, I have to say that Christie's description of the case is surprising, and I had not guessed at the murderer before the end explanation, nor at her twist at how it is dealt with... and whle I understand that it could well have been figured out by somebody else, I had no way of seeing it coming.

I honestly can't say more without giving it away, except to note that the young characters in Christie novels have a horrible tendency to treat their elders as though they are senile and hopelessly out-of-date, which is just appalling. They also act like heartless bastards, honestly. I wonder if that is how Christie herself saw her contemporaries being treated by the younger generation, and if so, how they managed to keep from drowning the Baby Boom generation at birth.

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