Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Men At Arms

Men at Arms

Terry Pratchett

Date: 01 April, 1997   —   $6.99   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy/Satire

This book continues with the adventures of Carrot, Vimes, and the Night Watch. A deadly device has been stolen from the Assassin's Guild, and Vimes is the only person interested in tracking down what has actually happened as opposed to the "obvious" explanation of blaming handy scapegoats. This tendency might cause him to lose his job, even though things have been looking up lately. The Night Watch is growing, and beginning to include minority species such as dwarfs and trolls... who, contrary to all explanations, are not, in fact, killing one another.

This book examines what it means to pull down rulers, something that can be necessary but which has extreme repercussions regardless of the circumstances. It also examines the consequences of power, and what happens when someone knows they can change things through simple, violent means. Some people cannot resist such temptation.

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