Monday, February 19, 2007

Stranger Is Watching

Stranger Is Watching

Mary Higgins Clark

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Fiction, Thriller

It's a Mary Higgins Clark book, which means that the bad guy who seems to be a good guy gets the upper hand early on, and the rest of the book is a race against time to save someone in danger before time runs out. And since it always happens that the good guys win in the end, it's not a spoiler to say so.

Of course, authors get popular on the strength of their storytelling, not their plots, so MHC is a good read within that framework, with endless variations. This variation deals with a murderer coming back to finish the job he started earlier... but of course, the wrong man is about to be executed, so not only does the good guy have to save the victims the murderer has kidnapped, they have to prove that the man on Death Row is innocent before they pull the switch. It is a nice bit of tension, neatly played.

If you like one of her books, you'll probably like the rest. And everybody needs a little thrill in life.

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