Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dragon Companion

Dragon Companion

Don Callendar

Date: 01 November, 1994   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

This book could easily work as a longer juvenile, as it is straightforward fantasy without complications. Tom is a librarian who suddenly finds himself in a magical world instead of on the Metro platform; he immediately encounters Retruance Constable, a large green and gold dragon who latches on to him. Though Tom doesn't look much different from the local inhabitants, since he is a semi-mythical human, he has certain advantages which are immediately put to work, namely that he thinks of practical solutions to problems rather than magical, and this trait means he is much more effective in a world that doesn't think that way.

This has all the elements of classic escapist fantasy, including the princess, talking animals, and the unlikely hero. I suspect that there might have been a sequel or a prequel; someday I might well run across them and give them a review as well. In the meantime, read this if you want uncomplicated fantasy and avoid it if you want characters with depth.

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