Monday, February 12, 2007

Human, Beware!

Human, Beware!

Thorarin Gunnarson

Date: 01 December, 1990   —   used only   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

Another book, another skateboard on the cover. And worse, this one doesn't even involve California! What was this, a time where all Californians were blonde, ponytailed, and rode skateboards?

This sequel to Make Way For Dragons! starts shortly after that book but is much more active and involves a pure fantasy world. There's a prophecy involved, and Jenny, the nine-year-old from the previous novel, and the implication is that none of the events from the previous novel were accidental. The main bulk of the story begins after Jenny has left college and goes to refine her magical abilities under sorceress Lady Mira (note that with this move, she has now been resident on no fewer than three worlds.) She's been living under the shadow of the prophecy for most of her life, and really wants to get on with it so she can find out if she'll have a life later.

Note that by this point, though she is still outwardly human, she's basically a dragon in almost every respect.

Since Lady Mira is a rather impulsive person, they do in fact "get on with it," leading to a cliffhanger ending to be resolved in the third book.

In tone, this seems different from the previous novel because we don't have Earth and familiar everyday life as a touchstone. This is closer to pure fantasy, and Gunnarson's slapstick humor is evident at several points. The writing is again accessible to younger readers but there are allusions to sex, so screen beforehand to see if it's appropriate.

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