Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stranger at the Wedding

Stranger at the Wedding

Barbara Hambly

Date: 02 March, 1994   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

The wizard Kyra has a problem. Her sister Alix is about to be married, and Kyra has premonitions that Alix is going to die on her wedding night— premonitions she can't tell her family about, since her father all but disowned her for going off to be a wizard. Worse yet are the witchfinders of the Inquisition, who take a very dim view of magic in general, and wizards in particular. And to top it all off, as a Council wizard, Kyra has sworn to never use magic to directly interfere in human affairs, and if she does so, she loses all protections that the Council has to offer.

That is, if she's caught.

This is an interesting character study, delving into the history of Kyra and her father, but mostly it's just fun.

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