Monday, January 29, 2007

Ladies of Mandrigyn

Ladies of Mandrigyn

Barbara Hambly

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Fiction, Fantasy

Mercenary captain Sun Wolf isn't particularly interested in bringing his troop to the city of Mandrigyn, who wants to hire him to free the city from an evil wizard. After all, it's almost certain death, and all of the men who resisted have been taken to the mines. But then the ladies kidnap him and give him a deadly poison that promises a drawn-out and painful death if he escapes, since it is only held in check by the power of a half-trained wizardling who doesn't know the secret of the Trial that makes a person a full wizard. So he agrees to train the women in secret so that they can take on the wizard... because if they only go halfway, they'll be slaves again within a season.

This is a different world than that of the Windrose Chronicles, and stands very well on its own. It is utterly true to itself, right up until the coda, and deals with the realities of war, the longing for power that some people have, and the fears of change that are near-universal. Fun if you can find it.

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