Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Silent Tower

The Silent Tower (Windrose Chronicles, Book 1)

Barbara Hambly

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Fiction, Fantasy

This is a crossover novel, one which has a protagonist from our world who ends up at another. And— whoa, does "our world" feel dated, because Joanna Sheraton is a computer programmer in the early 80s. You know, before the Macintosh. In fact, pretty much before PCs in general. (Yeah, they were there. But it's like the Internet in 1994; present, but only "cutting edge" people really are into it.) And it's got a dark and depressing DKS cover (sorry, Mr. Sweet, I don't much like your work) that sets the tone of the novel; for some reason, dark covers make me think of the whole novel as taking place in the dark. Admittedly, that is more or less the case here.

The other world is the same as that of The Stranger at the Wedding, and takes place a few years beforehand. However, where Kyra provided the witty and sarcastic wizard before, now the only wizards you see need to get that stick out of... well, anyway, the only humanized wizard character is the rogue wizard Antryg, who is mildly insane, and might possibly be the bad guy. And Joanna just wants to get home, but she doesn't know if she can trust Antryg, even though she's really starting to like him...

And darnit, it's a two-part story, and the second book is out of print! How's that for annoying?

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