Monday, June 26, 2006

Danny, Champion of the World

Roald Dahl
Fiction, Children's

This is the story of a wonderful father and his relationship with his beloved son. Danny's mother is dead, so his father is the sole parent, and it is obvious that he lives for his son and wants to do right by him. Danny is not his only love, however... it develops that his father is irresistably drawn to poaching pheasants from the land of an extremely obnoxious landowner nearby. Once this revelation takes place, the plot spirals out of control as it becomes evident that everyone in town knows about the poaching... and are, in fact, in favor of it! Several poaching dodges are described, and eventually Danny comes up with one of his own to put into practice the night before the local landowner has everyone up for a pheasant shoot.

This is one of Dahl's lesser-known books (as it has not yet been made into a movie) but rightly deserves a place in the canon.


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