Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blood of Mystery

Mark Anthony
Fiction, Fantasy, 'Weird Western' portion
Fourth in a series of six

When I read the premise of the book, I wasn't sure how Anthony could pull it off. One group of characters ends up in 1883 Colorado, fer cryin' out loud. However, not only does the conclusion of the previous book make such a premise perfectly reasonable, the effects of the journey are far-reaching, and the hoary old time travel cliché of having the same object in two places at once is so very important (though don't blink, you'll miss why) that it explains how most of the series happened in the first place.

Did that make sense? Anytime you bring time travel into the mix, it immensely complicates the language...

While our intrepid band of time travelers is stuck in the last heyday of a mining town, dealing with prejudice, vigilante justice, and a blood sorcerer, the rest of the group is working to prepare for the Last Battle, when the armies of the dark god Mohg will break out and clear his passage for him to destroy the world. If Travis doesn't do it first. Which revelation means that even the good guys aren't on his side, so when he comes back, he'll have to avoid them both.

Highly enjoyable, and surprisingly plausible. And it's getting harder to do spoiler-free reviews as the series progresses...


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