Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Buried Evidence

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Fiction, Thriller

Things aren't going so well for DA Lily Forrester. Her divorced husband is sinking into insolvency and drunkenness. Her daughter's rapist is out on parole and possibly stalking her. And when her ex is accused of fatal hit-and-run, he pressures her to help him - or he'll expose a deed from the past that, while justified, will ruin her career and send her to prison.

I think the most amazing part about this book is that with such an involved and seemingly ludicrous premise, the author manages to pull off a plausible story. Lily is an amazingly strong character, and the story reflects that, but it also shows that she has her moments of idiocy or ill-temper, and that those moments often happen around her ex-husband, as though he manages to bring out her worst. Her ex is an ass, not totally irredeemable, but weak and likely to continue in the easy path despite his love for those who might get hurt by his actions.

The story works because within its context, it is solid in its assumptions. It does not give too much detail, and its foundations are based upon characters that are likely to jump to conclusions based on their personalities. It's a nice quick read.


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