Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Forest of the Heart

Forests of the Heart (Newford)

Charles de Lint

Date: 2005-07-14 22:46:15   —   $10.17   —   Book

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Fiction, Fantasy

Charles de Lint returns to his fictional city of Newford for this tale which is based, most appropriately, on the sense of misplaced anger that can well up in those who feel grievances, if they focus on those grievances to the exclusion of all else. His primary characters are loosely based on the "hard men" of Ireland, the types who join the IRA and perpetuate hate. These spirits are truly homeless since the local manitou are strong, and yet they cannot go "home" to Ireland since there is no place for them there either.

Naturally enough, they mean to do something about this, and their plans are set into motion at the coldest time of the year in northern Newford. (Though Newford is, potentially, any North American city, its real-life counterpart of Ottawa shows through in the harshness of the weather.) And once again, many of de Lint's protagonists are artists or other counterculture types, in this case including a healer from the Southwest and a group of record-store employees.

It's a good book in dealing with anger, though I don't class it among my favorite de Lint novels.

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