Friday, April 13, 2007

Agatha Christie Slam III!

At Bertram's Hotel

Miss Marple presents an impression of a scatterbrained old woman who figures things out. All well and good, but I'm not particularly interested in her. Kind of heartless, but hey.

The Underdog and Other Stories
The Golden Ball and Other Stories
The Regatta Mystery

Agatha Christie is at her best in short stories. (Short story writing and novel writing are two different things, and her novels often feel as though they are long short stories.) Not all of these stories are mysteries; one is merely told of a woman who has trouble finding a job simply because she wishes to take care of her elderly dog. I am particularly fond of one story entitled "The Manhood of Edward Robinson" because it is a marvelously ludicrous tale of the introvert who finally decides to do something he likes. There is also a story that makes for amusingly difficult reading simply because its shy protagonist is entitled James Bond. At any rate, these are the books I like the best out of all of the Christie books I have read, and I highly recommend them for fun in little snippets.

The Boomerang Club

Not any of Christie's previous detectives, and merely focusing on a young couple who by all rights ought to have fallen flat on their faces in their investigation attempts. She's a rich snob and he's a scraper, so of course they'll end up together, after, of course, ending up in all manner of hijinks.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the book well enough, but you can rest assured that my gullibility threshhold was well exceeded.

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