Friday, October 20, 2006

Murder In the Queen's Armes

Murder in the Queen's Armes (A Gideon Oliver Mystery)

Aaron Elkins

Date: 1985   —   used only   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

A few years have passed since the events in Fellowship of Fear (including the events of The Dark Place); now Gideon Oliver is on a honeymoon with his new wife Julie. Their trip through England passes near to a dig being worked by an old friend of Gideon's, and they stop in to find tensions high and archæological chicanery afoot. A student worker plans to meet with Gideon that night but never shows; when told that the student is a flake, he leaves on the rest of his honeymoon.

When he swings by on the way back, however, a body has been found, and now he has to determine why someone on the project cares enough to commit murder - and what this has to do with his old friend's archæological discoveries.

This is the classic "Skeleton Detective" style that came along long before CSI; an explanation of how our bones tell the story of our lives. It also shows how obsession in any field is a dangerous thing, and how something that seems merely the dry province of academia could be worth killing for.

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