Saturday, October 14, 2006



Stephen King

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Fiction, Horror

Don't know how I missed this one. Oh, well, back in time it goes, to an appropriate location.

It is considered one of King's best novels, and with good reason. For sheer creepiness, nothing in more telling than the fears of childhood, especially when those fears are not apparent to the adults who are ostensibly in charge. In this case, not only is there a monster in the sewers that eats children, but the adults involved barely notice; they blame human agency. What is worse is that the cycle of extreme violence is repetitive, going back hundreds of years— and yet, there is no major record of it. As though the people involved are either silenced or part of it.

While this book has some musings on the nature of reality and faith, they are all subsidiary to the primary goal: to give you nightmares. If you enjoy that sort of thing, and have yet to read this book, it is well worth your time. But if you have trouble sleeping after one of these novels, I suggest you save it until you are well surrounded by people.

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