Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Last Place

Laura Lippman
Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

What would you do with a pedophile? Pretend to be underage, meet him in a bar, slip him his own date-rape drug, then use a depilatory cream to remove all the hair from his body? That's what Tess Monaghan did... and now she's in anger-management counseling after the jerk pressed charges. So when her friend Whitney gives her a research job - investigating domestic killings - she jumps at the chance to be active instead of sitting and brooding.

But the five cases don't seem to be related. In fact, one of the "victims" is still alive. But as Tess starts investigating the reasons these cases were given to her, she finds out that they are related more closely than she thought... and there could be a serial killer on the loose. One who has her picked out to be next.

Lippman's prose is engaging, and quickly draws you in. The moments spent in the mind of the stalker seem so reasonable that one can imagine the justifications that such a killer makes in his own mind. Tess comes across as principled and yes, a little angry, but who wouldn't want to see people get what they deserve? All in all, this is an entertaining read.


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