Friday, July 21, 2006

A Faint Cold Fear

Karin Slaughter
Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Let me begin by saying what a great name "Slaughter" is for a mystery writer. This book all but lives up to the name, as character after character gets killed, usually in highly graphic fashion.

Sara Linton is a medical doctor and coroner, and she gets called to the scene of an apparent suicide while on an outing with her pregnant sister. During her examination of the body, her sister is stabbed, leading her to believe that the suicide could be faked. As more and more people die (and the university president scrambles to cover up the deaths), Sara and her ex, Jeffrey, scramble to put together the clues needed to stop the killer.

This is apparently the third book in the series, and we have been introduced to the characters before. Nevertheless, there is plenty to draw in a new reader, especially one who is apt to watch CSI or other fairly graphic material.


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