Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Yarnot Family Sloppy Joes

This is literally unlike any sloppy joe you have ever had, because it starts from an entirely different premise.

You will need:
A large, deep saucepan
ground meat (beef or turkey; you can use sausage for extra flavor)
salt, pepper, spices of your choice (such as basil or oregano)
buns or tasty rolls

You can add:
diced bell pepper
diced jalepeƱo
leeks or green onions
a tiny bit of flavored vinegar such as balsamic

Over medium heat (my favorite!) cook the meat, stirring with the spatula, until there is no pink remaining. Add any vegetables you choose and the salt and pepper. Now here's the trick. Add equal parts of ketchup and mustard until the meat is completely covered; you can even kick up the mustard flavor by adding some dijon, mustard seed, or mustard powder. It's not a proper sloppy joe until your nose is streaming. Add any extra spices - you're the best arbiter of what you like - and maybe a splash of vinegar. Cook for a minute or until the sauce is heated through. Toast the rolls and ladel the meat-sauce over them; you usually will have to eat these with a fork. (Low-fat meats create a firmer sauce.)

A half-pound of meat is usually good for four rolls.

These are the sloppy joes I grew up with; ketchup (or tomato sauce) alone or (god forbid) barbecue sauce sloppy joes just do not taste right to me. Viva le mustard!

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