Monday, October 13, 2008

Scenario: Haunted Room


Haunted Room
Style: Creep
Position: Anywhere

What Has Become Of the Old Home?It's almost normal. If it weren't for the dust, one could imagine someone walking into the room, turning on the lights, and reading in a chair while listening to the record player. Funny, though: the power is off, but the record is still spinning, and the chair is rocking as though somebody just left... and do I hear whispers?

This is a simple concept. All you do is have a room with a few disturbing elements. If it's a child's bedroom, a broken doll is normally disturbing, as are stuffed animals with spiderwebs on them. A spinning record player, particularly with a broken record, adds to the eeriness of the scene. (You do not need to have any sound coming out of the player; the simple spinning element is enough.)

A ghostly rocker is exceedingly simple. If you know someone who is mechanically inclined, they can make a little motor to rock the chair, but a hidden actor with a length of dark string is enough. (The room should be kept dim regardless.) A simple recording of overlaid whispers* and barely audible music or sounds should be enough to set the stage for a grand shock later on.

*Friesian is a language that is almost the inverse of English: while English is a Germanic language through a French filter, Friesian is a French language through a Germanic filter. I am told that English speakers find Friesian to hover on the edge of understanding since the sound and feel of it is almost identical to English. If you know anyone who speaks it, I'm sure that Friesian whispers would be maddeningly cool.

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