Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Naked Once More

Naked Once More

Elizabeth Peters

Date: 1989   —   $6.29   —   Book

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Fiction, Mystery

Kathleen Darcy has just been declared legally dead, seven years after her mysterious disappearance, and publishers are looking for someone to write a sequel to her bestselling novel, Naked On Ice. Jacqueline Kirby gets tapped, and moves to the town where Darcy lived to get a feel for the sequel. But something isn't right - members of Darcy's family receive mysterious letters purporting to be from Kathleen herself; a former lover of Kathleen's starts dropping hints; and pranks begin to be played on Kirby herself, pranks that simulate the "accidents" that Kathleen had in the months leading up to her death.

Naturally, the mystery is more appealing than her outline, and Kirby starts to piece together a sequence of events, starting from the day that Kathleen Darcy disappeared.

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